Late Departure Time w/ 4 yo

We leave on a Thursday, and our flight has been rescheduled to depart at 11:30 pm. We have a 4 yo and will be staying at BC. Looking for ideas and strategies to maximize & enjoy our day while recognizing our 4 yo won’t get her normal nap/rest in the afternoon, since we will have checked.

Yikes! That is really tough. Are you planning to go into the parks at all on departure day? If you weren’t, then you might look into adding another day of park tickets so that you can add in some more magic before you depart. You could rent a stroller from the park on that day so that she can sleep a bit in the stroller.

Since you are at Beach Club, you can still take advantage of the pool after check-out and use the showers to freshen up before your departure for the airport. This might help if your kiddo is in need of a boost after not having a nap in the afternoon.

If you are looking for a place for her to nap, Beach Club has a great living room area near the food court that people rarely use. We happened upon it while we were stalling and waiting for Magical Express and my kiddos ended up falling asleep on the couches. They occasionally hold activities in there, but as long as there isn’t anything like that happening then it would be a great, quiet place for a nap.


Stroller nap? Can she skip a nap? My 4yo only naps sometimes.

That’s a super late flight though. I’d calm the airline and see if they can book you on an earlier flight.

When you check in you can inquire about a late check-out. If they are able to accommodate you, that will buy you the room until 1pm at least. And then, if it were me and my kid were asleep, I’d be ready to roll(everything checked in to bell services or luggage check-in) but wouldn’t physically exit the room until housekeeping arrived to turn the room over.

That living room area sounds like a perfect alternative. There are many little nooks and crannies around the resorts just like that, and if you hunt around before check-out day I’m sure you’ll find plenty of good choices!


Yes, we do have a park ticket that day. I hadn’t thought of that living room area. That might be a great option. Thanks!

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Great idea about the late check out and waiting for housekeeping. Our flight was supposed to be about 3 hours earlier, but Southwest changed it. Thanks!

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Even if your kiddo is still sleeping when housekeeping arrives, if he/she is sleeping hard enough you may be able to move to one of the quiet locations discussed above without too much waking involved!

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That’s a ridiculous change.
We’ve managed to nap by the pool on check out day.

Southwest did the same to me in August. I called they let me pick any flight I wanted, no matter the current price at no cost to me, I think they said within a week, but I did end up adding a day to my trip to avoid a layover and we are just picking a cheaper hotel near our resort and doing a Disney Springs day. I would give them a call and see if they have something earlier.