Late Arrival to Kona Breakfast ADR?

I currently have a breakfast reservation at Kona Cafe for 7:30 AM on my last day. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for one a little later, but if I were to show up for my 7:30 ADR at 7:45, or even 8 do you guys think that would be an issue? I don’t know how busy breakfast is there, and I’d like to be done by 9:30 at the latest, but being there at 7:30 might be a bit difficult to pull off with checking in for my flight, dropping off bags, etc.

As usual, thanks for the help. Liners Rock!

You can easily by done with breakfast in an hour. I would think 15 minutes late would be OK ( every time I have gone there are people there at 7:30, but the restaurant is not filled). Where are you staying?

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Pop! I’ll be taking a cab or Uber to the Poly, not Disney transportation. I shudder at the idea of making a 7:30 resort breakfast ADR when relying on the bus system. :wink: Plan is to head to Epcot after breakfast, FPs at the ready.

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