Late Arrival June 4

Hi All–

Getting ready to travel to the world first week in June! Staying at Carribean Beach - wondering if we should do a late day in Epcot OR brave the buses over to MK. We would get longer in the park on the first day if we hit MK, but probably are in the park quicker if we hit Epcot. Will put together a touring plan based on both, but am curious to hear what others may think.



I think it depends on how early you are arriving, where you are traveling from (will you be tired?), and what your priorities are. Also keep a contingency plan in place in case you have a delay.

If it was me I would either plan to do GotG or Tron, depending on which is the bigger draw for you, and plan around that.

I actually arrive June 4th and we plan to go to DS for dinner and go to the pool to avoid spending a park ticket for just a few hours in a park, especially if we end up being delayed.

It’s getting close! Hope you have fun. :blush:


Except it there’s lightning in the area (6 miles? 10 miles?), then the Skyliner is closed and they bus you to the front of Epcot.


I found the buses to be great at CBR. They have a bus stop in each area and so they are easy to get to. I was very stressed about buses there before I stayed there and I really love the resort.

I am always excited to be there and enjoy the parks at night (no sun!) and love a late night at a park. Either will be great.


I will say - some of the sections of CBR (depending on where your room is), you’ve got a bit of a walk to the skyliner station. So, grabbing a bus from one of the stops to MK may end up faster than a trip to Epcot when you add it all up.

This also makes a big difference.


Thanks all for taking the time to respond!