Late ADR question

So I have an ADR for skipper canteen at 8:55 on a day that used to have park closing at nine but was extended to 10. My goal was to be in park after closing to experience the castle and Main Street without many people. I was thinking they would extend the restaurant hours to 10 as well but they still haven’t done that. Skipper canteen still says dinner until nine. Should I just scrap the plan? Could I gamble a bit and show up to dinner late around 915 930 and maybe still get seated? I could just keep the 855 time but then I feel like I’m losing a little bit of touring time. I’m thinking I could get in haunted mansion or something between fireworks and dinner. Any thoughts or advice?

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I think it might be risky. They might close the doors at 9pm as planned and not let you in, and then charge you the no-show fee.

Put in a reservation finder for a later time in case it shows up. They might extend the hours for the restaurants later.

As you get closer, if they haven’t extended, you might to decide whether you want dinner or park time more.