Late 2019 crowd levels

I was about to pull the trigger on reservations for Tues 11/19 - Sun 11/24 and noticed that crowd levels those days jumped from 2/3s to 7/8s in the past few days. Is that because you’re taking Star Wars into consideration? I try to schedule around low crowd levels whenever possible so now second guessing going that week. I see that the numbers still look low for 12/3-12/8 - can I expect those to significantly jump up as well or would it be a safer bet that those dates will stay around 3/4s?

If you’re asking staff, you would be best emailing as there’s no guarantee someone will read this thread. Or you could try tagging @len or @fred and maybe one of them will respond.

DHS numbers will jump significantly once we know more about Galaxy’s Edge dates. WDW’s number will also jump, but perhaps not as much. That depends on the date GE opens - if it opens while schools are still in session, the effect will be muted compared to when schools get out.

Disney’s current estimate is “Late Fall 2019.” We’re taking that to mean December 21, 2019, the last day of fall.

The next Crowd Cal update will note our default assumptions for when Galaxy’s Edge and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway are expected to soft-open.

We’re also working on modeling the general effect to WDW when a new land opens. Obviously, this has only happened 3 times in the last decade (Cars Land, New Fantasyland, and Toy Story Land), so there’s some work still to be done on that.


Thanks for the detailed response! I know I shouldn’t change my plans because of crowd levels - but we have been spoiled from our last three trips having days in the 2/3/4s! This time we are bringing my 70+yo parents around so I know it will be more stressful than other trips - so hoping to avoid additional stressors (crowds/waits/inability to get desired ADRs/etc) wherever necessary!
I’m thinking that I will just go ahead with my original plan to go the Tues-Sun before Thanksgiving. (And keep my fingers crossed that GE opens AFTER our trip!)

Would you put the opening of Pandora into the new lands opening? Granted, it’s only 2 rides, but it seemed to have a bigger draw than Toy Story Land did.