Last Year's Actual Wait times


I would like access to last year’s Universal Studios wait times (just for March 2023). I’m about to switch the day I visit Universal Studios based on crowd level projections but would like to look at last year’s wait times to really think about it before making the switch.

I’m just surprised that week-ends have a lower projected crowd level compared to week-days. St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th, a Sunday, and has a low crowd level. I don’t understand this. I thought St. Patrick’s Day would be a busy day at Universal Studios.

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Does this work for you?

And Welcome!

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yes, this is very helpful. Thank-you!


If you found the graphs, the black dots are posted waits.

If you see any green dots, those are actual waits submitted by users.

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This is the week of Spring Break for schools in the area. However, they go back to classes the next day. (3/18/24)

I suspect you’ll see bigger Spring Break crowds Friday & Saturday than Sunday.

St. Patrick’s day isn’t a big deal at UOR. You might see people at the Finnegan’s Irish bar in USF or Pat O’Brien’s in CityWalk having a good time. However, don’t expect the parks to be decorated in shamrocks & leprechauns… :shamrock: :shamrock:

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