Last TSMM Ride

Park closes at 9 and we are planning on doing Fantasmic at 8:30. When I optimize TP it sends me to TSMM after Fantasmic, arriving at 9:06. Is this for real?

Is this because it is the only way to fit it into your plan? Do you have a warning that because you have too many steps some of it is outside the time limit?

Well yes, the plan is pretty tight, but I was surprised they would suggest me boarding a ride after park close.

Yeah, I had a few rides like that on my EPCOT plan… sent me there after they were closing. I wouldn’t count on it. The plan is probably overloaded. Try backing your time up or taking something out to see what happens. That will tell you a lot.

I’ve never been let into a que for an attraction after park closing.

If you publish the plan, others may be a little more helpful.