Last night Ohana or Park Fare?

Which would you do on your last night please? We will do the other earlier in the week on my birthday. It’s myself, DH, DD5, & DD7, and we are staying at the Poly. On our last day I’m also hoping to do Akershus at 11:30am.

Our farewell dinner is always Chef Mickey. We typically leave MK (our farewell park) around 6ish for our reservation, eat, and head back to resort to shower, pack, and get a good night’s sleep in prep for travel home.

Of the two options you mention, I think I would choose Ohana. I think the louder more party-like atmosphere would be the way I want to end vacation. 1900 is great and a lot of fun with fantastic character interaction (some of the best we’ve ever experienced, honestly), but it’s not as boistrous as I get the sense Ohana is. Plus, maybe, fireworks?

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Fireworks should be 8pm on our last night and 9:30pm earlier in the week. I was assuming PF would have more interaction, but thinking about it that is probably only for a few. Thank you, I will move Ohana to our last night.

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