Last night of our Trip ADR

I need all of you experts to help me out! I’m trying to figure out a good spot for our last dinner of our vacation. Our last night of our trip 9/24, I have reservations for the Wishes Dessert Party at 8 but I don’t have anything else planned for that day to this point. My thought is we will most likely use the afternoon and evening as another MK day. So ideally I would like to eat somewhere in or around MK. We are staying at the Poly, so we will already have eaten at Ohana and we will be doing BOG for breakfast another morning as well. I was thinking Liberty Tree Tavern, but unfortunately the menu doesn’t appeal to my son. We are doing a bunch of signature dining during the trip so I’d like to stay away from that but am open to any other table service option. My mind is drawing a blank about what may work.

I should also note that we will have already eaten at Chef Mickey’s as well.

Maybe 1900 Park Fare at GF for a late breakfast (ends 11:10)? I’d have suggested lunch but they only do dinner starting at 4:30 which may be late unless you want a break from MK. It’s a fun character meal with good interaction. Crystal Palace is another solid fun CM buffet that would probably be my choice inside MK unless you wanted to try Skipper Canteen which is still day of reservations as of now and allegedly going through a menu overhaul…

Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge may be another good option as it’s supposed to be great fun, although I haven’t made it there myself. You can boat to/from MK or Contemporary to get there easily enough since you’re at the Poly.

You’re in a situation where there are 4 excellent signatures near by, but “regular” TSs are kind of few and far between. For the record, I don’t do CMs, so I can’t comment on those. Kona is always a safe bet (the sushi is excellent), but I’m guessing you already have that planned. The Wave at the CR typically gets very good reviews. The one time I ate there the meal was so marred by REALLY horrible service I have never gone back, but the food was pretty good - maybe even above average. Whispering Canyon at WL also gets good reviews, but I have no first-hand experience there. In the MK Skipper’s Canteen and Tony’s are viable options. Many people give Tony’s bad reviews, but I find it as good as any other TS option in the MK (which, admittedly, is a pretty low bar). The apps, salads, and bread were all quite good, the entrees average (think Olive Garden, with only a few choices). I haven’t been to Skipper’s yet, but it has been getting pretty good reviews and the theming looks amazing from the photos/videos I’ve seen (although soon they are going to be doing a complete menu change, so who knows what it will be like after that).

I’m generally NOT a QS fan, but at MK, if I’m staying in the park, I’m more likely to eat QS more than at any other park. A “typical” day for me would be lunch at LTT (not dinner), and dinner at CHH - although Skipper’s is a “must do” for me on my next trip, and the new menu at Pecos Bill’s looks promising.

There are good options around the area for dinner. You could head over to Contemporary for the Wave, GF for multiple choices, GF cafe gets a lot of good reviews, you could do the early show at HDDR for a really fun way to end your trip, Trails End buffet at FW is considered one of the best value and well received buffets on property,

Outside of the Wave and other options at the Contemporary, what kind of timeframe for dinner would you be comfortable with in order to get back to MK for Wishes at 8?

that would pretty well depend on how far out from the park you are. But if you want to guarantee you’ll be back in the park by 8 I’d say set your ADR for 6 and leave the park around 5. that way you have plenty of travel time and you won’t feel rushed through an expensive meal.