Last minute trip-

We are considering going to Disney World first week of Feb (last minute). We are planning to stay off property, it has been 3 years since we were last there and I am reading that the fast pass system is all changed. I am trying to see if we have missed our opportunity to get spots to be able to ride the popular rides, I have a 11 and 14 yr old. I would appreciate any advice.

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Hi there! We’re going to be there that weekend :blush:

The bad news is, it’s all pay-to-play now, the good news is, you didn’t miss anything! If you’re staying off site, you’ll be able to buy Genie+ ($15 per person, per day) and Individual Lightning Lanes (ILL, prices vary from $7-15 per person, per ride) on your park day. Genie+ at midnight, I believe. And ILL at park open.

I’ll link you to The Thread

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Oh, and welcome to the forum! Ask anything! We’re a helpful enough crew here.

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Thank you. Wow this seems confusing


You have two choices:

  1. just wait standby in all lines. No extra charge. Follow a touring plan if you please if saving time in line is important to you. Or just go with the flow.
  2. Pay $15 per person per day to use Genie+, and/or pay $7-15 per individual attraction to skip the lines on select attractions. This will take a lot of research to use effectively, but you can still get some benefit even if you wing it.

If you choose number 2 and want to research, read at least the lead post in the thread @Broph1988 linked.

Good luck!


We are opting out of all this for February, and just choosing to wait in standby lines. It’ll be just myself and my husband though- I’m not sure what I’d do if we had kids. Probably a hybrid situation. Waiting in standby plus ILLs for the rides that are most important for us to ride


Welcome to the forum. It is definitely confusing. But there is a lot of good advice here if you decide to buy Genie+ I’m still trying to decide.