Last minute trip Labor Day week

Hi all! I’ve been MIA for almost a whole year! I just booked a trip for the week of 9/4-9/11 and then I realized that 9/5 is Labor Day weekend 🫣. My plan so far is to stay at Universal Sapphire Falls. Do HHN on our arrival day and then avoid the parks and have a resort day with a Bull & Bear dinner on Labor Day. Has anyone gone the week of Labor Day before? Is it low crowds once Monday is over or did I screw up?

We are planning 2-3 Disney park hopper days and 2-3 universal days.


I can’t speak for UOR but we were at WDW recently during CL 5-8 days and didn’t wait in a single line just using BG1, ILL, VQ, double tap, drops, and being smart on what to book first. You don’t even need to RD anymore even during crowded days. Don’t sweat it.

Sweet. Am I at a big disadvantage not staying on property? As long as I get G+ and LL? Is it 2 LL per day?

We never stay onsite and I consider the disadvantage to be less or none at all with the introduction of G+.

There is no limit to how many LL you can use on a given day. We probably used 7-8 each day. The important thing is to be smart during booking. Right at 7am, then immediately after use or 2 hours after park opening and then just keep booking LLs to your heart’s content.

That’s typically been a great time at WDW… even Labor Day hasn’t been as busy as you’d expect. Looks like you’ll be leaving Universal just as it get crazy, too The entire week of 9/11 all Universal hotels are booked solid (except for the $1800-2000/night suites at Portofino). I may be regretting all of my life choices by 9/16!

That’s why I did the first week! I couldn’t believe Sapphire was sold out the next week. I wonder why. September has always been slower in my experience. Do you go 9/16? I’m sure it will be great. Fingers crossed for us both.

I read something about there might be a big convention that week. Just my luck! I’m at WDW 9/9-9/14, and Universal 9/14-9/18, but I think if it’s crazy packed I’ll be feeling it by the 16th!

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I want nothing more than to get a reservation at Victoria and alberts that week. It’s all booked up of course. Fingers crossed that someone cancels. I will definitely be checking 6 days before and I have the reservation finder checking.

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This is my tentative plan.

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I’ve decided to add an Epcot day and not do volcano bay. I know Saturday at Epcot is a no no because of crowds. But I want a break on Thursday. Should I do Epcot Saturday?

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I want to actually rest on this vacation. Lol


That’s not a thing at WDW :rofl:

I need a vacation lol. Darn it. Here I am over planning again even though I told myself I’m going to go with the flow this time.

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Has there been any word on if there are any extra boo bash tickets on the night of like last year? Both parties are sold out when I’m going.