Last minute trip cancellation help

Murphy’s law strikes again! DH and I are supposed to leave on Saturday for our first adults only trip to WDW. My parents were going to watch the kids. Long story short, DD has been sick all week and we may not be able to go this weekend. (Pediatrician asked us to bring her back in tomorrow, so we’ll probably make a final decision based on what they say then.) We have a package reservation and bought travel insurance, but I know this probably won’t be covered. How is Disney about last minute trip postponements? Tomorrow is 2 days out. Will it be treated any differently if we call 2 days ahead vs. 1 day ahead? (Ie, if they want to try another antibiotic and we have to give it a day before we know) Anything else I need to know? Thanks!

I tend to think your DD illness would be covered under the insurance. You might want to call the insurance co to check. I’m sorry and hope she gets well soon.


I thinks DD sickness is probably covered under insurance depending on the insurance you purchased. Problem here is they are going to want verification paperwork from her doctor. What I have done is called Disney about this type of situation. Twice they have refunded our money first for my wife’s brother having brain cancer surgery and a year later for his death. This October my brother found out he had cancer and only a month to live. I had purchased this vacation via MVT and they refunded funds via Disney without a problem. First two times we were only two days out when we canceled. This last time we were two weeks out. Hope this helps.

This is exactly why trip insurance exists and I would be surprised if it isn’t covered.

Thanks for the encouragement! The good news is that it looks like we’re going to be able to take the trip after all because DD finally made it to 24 hours fever free!

As for the trip insurance, it’s been a while since I read the policy but what I remember from it is that a non-traveling family member must be hospitalized or sick with something life threatening in order for it to be covered. Thankfully that isn’t the case, so we’d have had to work with Disney if I’m remembering the insurance policy correctly.


Disney was Super to us. Glad you can now make your trip. Have a Magical Vacation. So glad DD is better.

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I’m so happy for you all. :slight_smile:

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