🦡 Last minute trip booked

I use an umbrella that collapses and fits inside my bag. My DD carries a full-blown parasol, and sticks it in the bottom of the ride car near her feet. Hers would be a problem at Universal where they make you put things in lockers.


News update

I can’t remember if I told you all how the Booking thing worked out?

I kept sending complaints to Booking and kept getting weirdly worded replies. I’d say “You charged me $X without authorisation” and they’d reply back “It wasn’t us, contact Booking directly”.

I eventually realised that when you send a complaint to Booking, they just pass it on to the hotel. And when the hotel responds, it looks as if it has come from Booking. I figured out who was actually writing the replies and called the hotel directly and asked to speak to them.

They were super nice and sympathetic and agreed to let me cancel the non-cancellable reservation. This triggered Booking’s systems into refunding both the original cost of the room, and the rogue additional charge.

However, when I went to rebook the room (this time fully cancellably) the rate had gone up. By a non-trivial amount. My victory had been a Pyrrhic one.

Now that both of our rooms are fully cancellable, I did look around for better deals, especially with the price increase on the room that caused all the trouble. There literally isn’t a better deal in the whole of NYC. I know. I spent hours looking.

Meanwhile, Barclaycard decided to respond to my complaint by freezing my account and cancelling my card “so that Booking can’t make any more charges”. They’re sending a new card, and in the meantime I can use Apple Pay, but it’s somewhat irritating to have to change my card number everywhere.

No word back from the insurance company about the Abba tickets. My hopes aren’t high. At all.


Hotels in NYC are wicked expensive. It’s frustrating. And even Brooklyn or New Jersey aren’t cheaper!


I know! I brilliantly thought, “Ha! I’ll book one not in Manhattan with crazy good views and easy subway access. No-one else will have thought if this so it will be super cheap.”

Apparently they have. And it isn’t. At all.


Wonder if they realized they didn’t ask enough for the room. If they knew they could get more they would be happy to cancel your reservation. Uggh. Maybe closer to your trip date you will find better deals.

That sucks. But keep looking! Maybe you will find something cheaper later.

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Have you ever looked at Travelzoo? I’ve gotten some good deals there. Right now I’m seeing this for NYC hotels in August:


I would definitely take the $149 at Hilton Garden Inn! But I’m always leery when it’s “& up!” because you know that $149 is for a single Tuesday in July and every other day is double. Although NYC is kinda nice for us because the rooms are more expensive on weekdays and cheaper on weekends.


Earlier I think you said you told the insurance company you couldn’t attend because of the transportation strike. Could you change your story to you were “sick” in order get your money back?


That bothers me so much!
Not changing the story of course. But why the reason matters. You pay for insurance. You couldn’t attend. You should be able to make a claim and get your money back. I dont know how they would be able to confirm you couldn’t attend. But that is the insurance companies problem as they offered the insurance.
It really should be that simple!


I stayed at that kimpton theta in December. It’s clean but not at all anything special or up to brand standards imo.


I don’t know if you are married to ASMu, but if that’s negotiable ASS just went down in price on both Disney’s site and Priceline.

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I paid for my room on the UK site, and that is not-changeable or refundable. I did so because the rate was much lower than the one on the US site. I just checked and the rate I paid was $210 (inc tax) per night, which is cheaper than the current ASSp offer.