Last minute trip - ASMo or SOG?

The Husband & I decided to make a “last minute” trip to Disney for our 14th anniversary. Jan 29-Feb 2 (give or take a day or 2). At the moment, the only hotels I can find within budget are All Star Movies or Shades of Green. We can stay for an extra day at ASMo (SOG is booked) plus, parking & EMH. However, we are KID FREE! haha. I can’t seem to decide between the two!

I would check ESPN’s schedule to see if you will be “sharing” ASMo with a ton of kids. If there’s an event, ie. Cheerleading, etc. ASMo may be full of groups. On the other hand, I’ve stayed at both SOG and a WDW resort. I really like the convenience of the magic band privileges at WDW resorts as well as the free parking at WDW resorts and parks. We drive, so it is actually cheaper for us in the long run to stay at a WDW resort. I love not having to carry credit cards into the parks, so unless it’s an insanely awesome deal at SOG, we stay at WDW resorts. If you qualify for the Salute to Service discounts, it’s really worth it to stay at a WDW resort.

OMG - yes - be weary of Pop Warner etc. I haven’t stayed at SOG but my brother has. They enjoyed it - I would think for similar cost - SOG is superior especially if you are kid free