Last minute score for Spring Break!

Oh my goodness. I just picked up park passes for Hollywood for the sold-out first week of April. Wow, wow, wow. Always, always, always keep trying!!

Longer story for those thinking of last minute trips …

Since last week, I’ve tentatively been trying to put a trip together for spring break - 4/4-11. I am AP and we drive, but I didn’t renew the kids AP which expired right before the closure (still kicking myself, but anyway).

I had some unused park hopper tickets for a trip we couldn’t take at Christmas. Last week, I had them switched to Spring Break against the very strenuous objections of the the CM b/c there wasn’t any park pass availability (he was a jerk actually, and I’m thinking, it’s my money bud and I can change this again if it doesn’t work out - I’m a last minute pro, so just entertain me).

So far, I’ve picked up enough park passes to think this could be a fun trip, especially with park hopper. Epcot and AK were easy enough to pick up (even showing as sold-out) and we enjoy both parks. I haven’t picked up MK yet, but we can do that after 2pm, especially with extended hours and a few days at CR. I really hate that I can’t see what park passes are available w/out dropping what we have reserved.

This is so different. The most difficult part of planning for me used to be securing the hotel(s) at a decent rate, which for this trip I had done a while ago. Everything else always flowed from there.

We aren’t big foodies, and I used to pick up most of our ADRs on the go, but during our August trip I noticed that was hard to do and I didn’t like the few available options. Plus, the quick serve got very old, very quickly (Seriously, give me some decent vegetables PLEASE and some variety too). I’ve managed to pick up a few decent ADRs this week, so things are looking up.

I really hate the park pass system. We operate off of mood and not detailed plans (sorry TP! I still get lots of value from my subscription). This is really killing my laid back, “go when I can fit it in my work schedule” planning style. But I do prefer reservations to the free-for-all at other places and feel very safe at WDW.

Also note - kids and I have been APs for quite a few years. While we have favorite things we really want to do, it wouldn’t ruin the trip if we missed the headliners. Sometimes I feel like I’m dragging my kids to the parks when they would rather swim (also note, we have a pool in our backyard - so frustrating).

Anyway - lets hope we can actually go with my current work load. I really need a fun break with my kiddos.

Happy weekend!



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Nice job! Have a great time!!