Last minute plan to go! Leaving tomorrow!

So It’s predicted to snow here in NC and I’m predicting schools to be closed Monday. Perfect reason to pick up and go right? When I purchased our annual passes in November I decided that we would always have “Emergency Disney Bags” packed! Tomorrow I’m picking up DS from school and we are driving to Orlando. I bought tickets for MVMCP for Sunday night and the plan Monday is to park it up until noon and head home. Wish us luck. I’m a 8 month in advance (at least) planner and we’re flying by the seat of our pants. Woo Hoo! I’m a little scared but in a thrilling kinda way.

PS: the weather Sunday is supposed to be thunderstorms. oh well!


That’s really wonderful! How long will it take to get there?

about 8.5 hours.

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Well, have a great trip! I think I will be driving down from Winston-Salem. We don’t live there but my daughter does so we thought we’d go from there.

This is so wonderful! No doubt this will be one of your best trips ever and something you and your DS will remember always! Give yourself permission to take things easy and tour in a completely different way than you ever have before. Try a new restaurant, park hop to your favorite rides, and just soak up the holiday atmosphere with your loved one. Who knows how many people you might inspire to follow in your footsteps! (Could I be talking about myself?!? Time to see what kind of airline deals there are right now!)

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I was thinking of doing this EXACT same thing until I realized that it’s DH’s weekend to work. Sad times.