Last minute panic!

After MONTHS of meticulous planning, we will be in the happiest place on earth for the first time in just two more days! Is it normal that I am sitting up late considering changing days around?! I’ve learned SO much from all you Liners, so thank you! Now I just need to stop rethinking everything.


Walk away from the plans! :grinning: Everything will be wonderful!! Congratulations on your first trip! :tada: Hopefully you’ll get some sleep between now and then!

Haha yes, this is totally normal. I went through that down right up to the night before I left

Take a breath, step away from the plans like @Hi-Ho said and you’ll be just fine. Your plans are probably as polished and perfect as they can possibly get. Remember, millions upon millions go to DW without any sort of plan and still have a great time, so you’re so far ahead of the game that you can now just relax and have a fabulous time!

That being said, if you feel something is truly nagging at you over your plan, just remember they are just plans and worse come to worst, you can always chuck it once you’re there and fly by the seat of your pants. Nothing is set in stone.

At the end of the day, you’re still in the best place on earth! Have a wonderful trip!!


lol! I take a printer with me so I can change my TP the night before we tour any given park. But seriously, just relax. It will all work out. Don’t stress over too much. If a ride is down when you wanted to ride, just move on and rejig your plan on the fly. Don’t forget to have a good time.

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The good thing is you have a plan and when I’m called mad that I (we) plan everything for our trip I point out that plans can be ignored or changed. Having no plan is the road to long lines, a hungry family and frustration, on the very rare occasion we’ve gone ‘off plan’ there is discord and we go back on plan very quickly :smile:

So the hard work has been done now relax and have a great time



I felt the same way as you did just before I went. Pre-trip anxiety. Nothing to worry about. Have faith in your plan and everything will be fine.

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I always have to just ignore my plans right before a trip or I would be cancelling all my ADRs (which most likely I had already changed 5 times).

You may find once there you will want to slow down and cancel some things. If you do- just enjoy what you decide to do!

Have a great trip!

Thanks, all! So glad to hear that I’m not the only one! I’m usually very “go with the flow”, so I’m sure once we get rolling, I’ll be able to just enjoy!

You are definitely not alone. I freaked out a week prior to our trip and questioned every decision I made.

In the end end, everything went well and there was absolutely no need to panic :wink:

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Glad I’m not the only one. I think I have changed our adrs five times. We’ve only been booked since march and we are going in June… who’s betting I’ll change them again? (I’ve just stopped telling DH because it stresses him out)