Last minute Landry card

Can I do that?

I feel like I remember hearing that Yak and Yeti will accept your Landry club number and confirmation email? Don’t want to commit to Yak and Yeti for our one short AK day but we have always wanted to try it.

If we decide to go can I apply online that day and show my email to get priority seating and my $25 credit? Or do I need the actual card?

There are no other Landry restaurants near me so this would be the only chance for me to use the $25 credit.

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We used our Landry card without a physical card in August. They just asked for my phone number and looked it up that way. You should be good!

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I have the app on the phone. It holds my virtual card.


Thanks, guys. Do you know if there is a delay in being able to use the credit?

If I remember correctly it was available as soon as they emailed my membership info.


Yeah no delay. And it’s AMAZING.

We walked into Yak & Yeti last Monday, flashed the card on my app and were seated within 3 minutes.

Many dirty looks, but I mean, they OFFER the service.

I also had a birthday reward AND it was double points. We ended up ordering so much food we had leftovers, and promptly ran back to our resort (off site, we needed more space that disney could provide), and the kids had a meal the next day!

LSC is the best kept secret ever! You get seated before reservations and even printed parties to be seated!


Thank you so much! I’m hoping we can fit it in. I’m going to cancel the ADR since the best I could get was 2:45 for lunch. If it works with our day I’ll apply for LSC on the go and use it.

How many people can be seated (to read = skip the line) with the same card?

I haven’t read the fine print, but my family was 8 people when we used our card.


Perfect, we’re 8 too :smiley:

Late to this, but I’ve had a party of 16 seated within 20 minutes with my Landry’s Card.

There’s not a limit. :grin:

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Sorry to dig up this thread. I have been considering a Landry’s card for the purpose of avoiding an ADR at Yak and Yeti. I would prefer to be not tied down to an ADR time. Does card really work well for this at Disney as indicated in this thread?


Yup! I had a Y&Y ADR for 7ish in December (for 4 people). Wanted to eat there for lunch instead. Walked right up and was jumped up the wait list - some people were being told 2 hour wait. We were seated at Y&Y in about 30 minutes. Later that same trip we were seated almost immediately at Rainforest Cafe with a party of 7. Service at Y&Y was decent and fairly timely. Service at RFC was…not. Which was okay as my priority was to get us all in A/C and seated for a bit.

I also forgot to bring my card but they were able to look me up by phone number without issue.


Hi! New question for this thread. Our March trip just got moved to August. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Just finished trying to recreate our dining reservations. Was able to get most of them at similar times but Yak & Yeti only had a 3:30 dinner time available. I booked Tusker House instead and set the reservation finder to look for Y&Y.

If we get a Landry’s card to get in without an ADR, can we still use the dining plan?

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I don’t see why not. The card gets you a table. You pay separately. However, you won’t get your $25 back if you use the dining plan. Might want to book another ADR to use dining credits and pay cash for this. It is pretty reasonably priced.

I think you may also be able to check Open Table for reservations for Landry’s restaurants on WDW property as well. But in my experience Open Table may not always let you reserve as far in advance as 180 days, depends on the restaurant.

I did not know Landrys had an app! Thanks @PrincipalTinker!

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If you plan on ever eating at another Landry’s restaurant, I’d use your Landry’s card to get in and your dining credits to pay the bill. The $25 credit on your Landry’s card is good at four restaurants on Disney property, but also a few hundred other locations around the country.