Last Minute (Kind of) Memory Maker Share

Hey Liners!
I have purchased Memory Maker and was wondering if anyone wants to hop in on a share?
Currently there is myself and one other couple already confirmed. Looking for 1 or 2 other families/couples/individuals to join in?

Travel dates are Apr28 - May 8 inclusive between the two trips.

If anyone’s dates are around the same time (ideally the first half of May) let us know :slight_smile:

Hey Kyla,

We are at Disney between April 28th and May 5th and might be interested in sharing the Memory Maker with you. How would this work?


Hi Mac!
So how it works is, I have a dummy account (it’s actually my husband’s account that he doesn’t use), I assign the Memory Maker download privileges to that account. I add everyone to the friends and family list so that all our Disney accounts are linked together.
While we’re on vacation we can all have photopass pictures taken, scan our bands to get them saved and collect our ride photos/videos etc.
I give you guys the login info for the dummy account so that you can log in and edit and download all your photos while you’re there or when you get home.
I’ve done several shares before, this will be the second one I’ve led. It’s a great way to still use Memory Maker but split the cost with a few travellers.

Hi Kyla,

We are there from May 14 - 19. Would that be to late to share? I’d be interested. Thanks

Yes absolutely you can join in!! :smiley:

Thanks. You made my day!! What do I have to do?

yay!! That’s great that you’re joining!

Ok, so I have already purchased MM and have it linked to a dummy account that all of us will have login info for so that we can go in a download the photos that are ours.
I need your email address that is associated with the MDE account. I will add you to the friends and family list, that way when you scan your band at photo pass locations/rides etc they will be added to MM and you can download them all :slight_smile:
splitting the cost 3 ways is always a bonus!!

are you still interested in joining the share? I leave in a week and want to maker sure everyone is linked before I go…

Hi, will it still work for a trip as late as June 2 thru 7?

Because our travel dates start in April, by the time your trip arrives in June the window to add photos will close before your trip ends.
I know there’s often posts on here for shares, or also in the June 2017 Liners facebook page too you might be able to find one. I hope it all works out for you :slight_smile:

Sounds good. I guess we just need to sift through the photos to find the ones that are ours, correct? I see you are in Canada as am I, so we could arrange an e-transfer to make payment.

essentially yes, you sift through everyone’s photos and download yours. Or you can download larger chunks of photos faster in a zipped file and then you would just delete the ones that do not belong to you. whichever you prefer.
If you are interested in joining I leave in 6 days and I’m hoping to have all this organized and payments received well before I go.

Kyla- I appreciate your patience. In the end, I couldn’t convince my spouse to share the memory maker. My apologies. I wish you a great vacation.

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No problem! Have a fantastic trip!! :smiley:

Hey Kala I will be in the world May 10-14, do you need any others to jump in? I would love to share a MM.

If our trip was from April 22 - April 25 will that still work? I don’t mind delaying the download if that makes a difference!

So sorry everyone.
With my trip starting and leaving in 3 days, the memory maker share was filled and paid for by all current participants. Thanks so much for your interest but the participating families and I have everything already set up and organized with unavailable time to start adjusting things now.