Last minute hotel advice

Have a 6 night stay coming up in a few weeks to do all things Christmas…2 adults. Currently have all 6 nights booked at Pop, but have been keeping my eye out for Priceline Swalphin deals (not looking good) and renting DVC (which I’ve never done before).
Just noticed a SSR preferred studio popped up for the first 3 nights of our stay for a little bit less than Pop. I’ve never stayed there and not sure if it’s a good choice to do a spilt stay or just keep Pop for the entire trip. The mornings we’d be at SSR we’d be rope dropping HS (possibly hopping to MK), then MK (with dinner and an evening at DS), and the 3rd day (resort switch), we’d be going to Epcot (maybe/maybe not rope drop).
I’m on the fence, would love to try a new resort but wondering if Pop is just more convenient and easier not to have to change hotels. Was hoping for OKW, as we have family staying there but that hasn’t been available.
What would your advice be?


The first part of your trip seems to be where you could benefit from The Skyliner the most. You would be getting rid of rides to DHS and to EP on those days.

Being only 2 adults makes it easier to split stay, but losing those days of Skyliner access to the parks is a bit of a deterrent. SSR is also a huge resort.

If you were going to spend more time at DAK and DS, I’d’ve said go for it.


I just said this about the skyliner to my cousin (my traveling companion). It would be an easier decision if the split was the other way around.
Even though it’s not the most practical decision, I’m still considering it just so I can try a new resort :rofl:


Funny, this is probably the same SSR preferred studio I saw and debated booking. I decided to stick with ASSports (which is about 3/4 the cost of the SSR studio).

It’s tempting, but the bus situation at SSR concerns me. If I stay there (which I have never done) I would prefer to have a car. The All Stars are huge but the plus side of that is that they have a near continuous flow of buses.

But if you want deluxe accommodations, pounce on that! I’m there solo so it’s a different situation.

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We own at SSR. It is a lovely, relaxing resort with direct walkable access to Disney Springs. While we love the Skyliner, the buses run often from SSR, so it isn’t a problem. You will also get more space at SSR versus Pop.

I would put SSR and OKW on par with one another…they are neighbors, after all… although OKW has the largest studios on property.

If the price is similar, though…I don’t know if it is worth the hassle of doing a split stay when you only have 6 nights.

ETA…you can technically walk to the boats at Disney Springs and take a boat directly to OKW from SSR, if that is helpful at all.

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Yes, it’s the same one!
If we did split, I’d likely change the last 3 nights of our stay to ASMo (as the skyliner wouldn’t really benefit us on the tail end). It would save us about $300. We’d probably spend a little of that savings on morning Ubers to HS and Epcot (not MK because of TTC). Not concerned about busses at night, one of which we’d be at DS anyway.

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We really enjoyed pop. I think this was 2015 so it’s been awhile. It was my family with small kids, but I think adults would also like the varying pools (if it’s warm enough). We were in the 50s section near the pinball pool, but we also used the hippy dippie pool with the water shooting out of the flowers. It was long enough ago I wonder if some of this has been changed…

We have stayed at Pop before, so I know what to expect there but thank you for your reply!


We’ve been 3 stays at SSR - 2 with a car - and 3 stays, all with a car, at Caribbean Beach which is not Pop but certainly isn’t SSR. At CB we’ve always been in Jamaica. At SSR twice in the Paddock and once in the Springs.

We’ve always parked the car and used the bus. The only time we had any bus difficulty was at CB when we arrived at the bus stop about 8:30 am. Place was mobbed.


No matter the resort, this is always the worst time to catch a bus. It’s hard to get out before 8am but anyone can be ready by 8:30am if they really want to be.


I don’t recall why we were going so late. Something was going on - maybe we were having a resort day and eating breakfast somewhere. Idk.

We’re usually at the bus stop before 7 am.

In the past we might have driven to another resort but with teens we have tended to bus/etc in case we want to split up.

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