Last Minute Help For CSR Building/Room Request

Somehow I forgot that my room request is due today. I will be going with my husband and two kids (19 and 17). Quick backstory: I’m also bringing my parents. They will share a scooter. They probably should both have one, but they are stubborn. Normally, I would be booking FQ for them due to size of the resort. I’m trying to make things as easy as possible because of their health issues. It’s been a really hard year for them. We almost lost my dad last year. It was touch and go for a while. Then my nephew unexpectedly died in March. He was my dad’s best friend. They used to spend a lot of time together. We had some other family health issues after that. Anyways, it’s just been a really hard time for my parents, and they would love to get to Disney one more time. I know it’s going to be a different trip, and will be OK with just getting them away to a beautiful resort.

So after all that, we just have standard rooms. I’m going to request Casita 4 or 5. Casita 5 looks like it has nicer views, and there are even a few connecting rooms with nice views that I could try for. Is it much longer of a walk than just going with 4? I think I’m probably most concerned with distance to the buses. Thanks for any help!

The buildings are close to one another. If you like the views better in 5 I say go for it. There’s a path between both buildings that leads to the nearer bus stop.

Just a reminder that TP will send it whenever you complete it inside 30 days if you need a bit more time.

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Thanks, that’s helpful! I wasn’t sure how close they were. In the back of my head, I feel like I’ve heard people talk about 4 being the best of the standards, but I do like some of the connecting rooms in 5.


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Is the reservation number that I have to list the same as the confirmation number?


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Thanks! I appreciate it!

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I’m going to bug you one more time. Too tired/lazy to look it up, and I’m sure you know! Should I be creating another trip with my parents confirmation number and request the room that connects to ours? Or just add my parents confirmation number in the request box? I’m not sure if I’m even explaining that correctly. I’m a little rusty with my planning!

I would actually call guest services and request a “travel with” number so they will link your ressies and put you close to one another

But you can also put it in the request - can’t hurt, might help.

You can create a different trip and do a request for your parents. I listed it in the notes as well as doing a separate request. I didn’t bother getting the travelling with number because we didn’t want connecting rooms, just same building if possible.