Last minute Dining reservation cancellation question


If you don’t get a reservation that you’re hoping for and book something else…but if you have the alert set up and your desired reservation becomes available the day of …will you get charged for cancelling/changing your booked reservation?

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If you can change it to a different date in the future (and then cancel that one) - no, no charge.

If you can cancel it the day before (maybe even up to midnight) - then no charge. You can even talk to the host at the restaurant on the day-of and ask nicely if they will cancel at no charge (sometimes it works).

If you don’t cancel in time, and no one at all shows up, then you will be charged $10 per number of people on the reservation. But if at least one person shows up, then no extra charges.


Do you have a Touring Plans dining reservation alert set up? The TP reservation (or any of the other alerts) aren’t tied to the official Disney reservation system. Disney doesn’t offer this type of service nor a waitlist.

As mentioned, you can cancel most dining up until 11:59 PM the night prior. If you miss that window and want to cancel- you can even change the party number, along with the date to find a successful modification date to switch to and then cancel.

Oh so you can modify a same day reservation to a different day and then cancel?


Great! I didn’t realize this. This is good to know! So unless it is one of the MOST popular restaurants then you should be able to do this. Even if you have to modify it to just one guest at a different time and then cancel…

Thank you!


Keep in mind that you can only modify up until about 30 minutes prior to the reservation… I don’t know the exact timing… and, as you said, if it is a SUPER popular restaurant, you may have difficulty finding a new date, although I have never experienced this. I have always been able to find at least a reservation for 2 at some random time…

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