Last minute change has me bringing my 2 yr old nephew and need to change dining reservations from 4 to 5. Nothing is available!

We have all of our dining reservations made for 4 people. Last minute change of plans has my 2 year old nephew joining us. I called and none of the hard to get reservations had availability for a party of 5 instead of the party of 4 we are booked for…we are nine days out. We have great reservations that my kids are excited about… Are we just out of luck? What are the chances of me showing up with us four plus the toddler and being seated? The CM said they wouldn’t be able to seat us. I would hate to lose all of our reservations.

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I wouldn’t change reservations, they will find a way to fit a 2 yr old. Can anyone say high chair.

My only suggestion would be to talk to Guest Services and explain your situation. They really try to help people out with problems if possible. Maybe they can make arrangements with the restaurants.

That’s what I thought too! But the CM said they wouldn’t…maybe she was wrong?

I’ll try that @poohfanclub. That’s a great idea! I know how hard the reservations are to get and because of very unexpected circumstances we have the little guy joining us.

Did you speak to CM on phone. They probably can’t commit to telling you something that is contrary to Disney policy.CM at restaurant is probably in better position to accommodate you. Maybe you could call restaurant direct.

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Sorry (what does CM stand for?). Not good with acronyms…:slight_smile:

I talked to the CM on the phone not at the restaurant direct. Awesome idea! Thank you!

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@poohfanclub CM is Cast Member. :slight_smile:

I’m going say that since the 5th member of your party is only 2, there really shouldn’t be any issue. For instance, under 3 years old, they don’t even “count” at buffets. If you want to order a meal, I can’t imagine them denying you. A 2 year old could theoretically sit on a lap if they truly can’t provide a high chair.

I’m always of the opinion that you should be upfront about anything that may cause inconvenience or a problem, but given the child’s age, it’s almost worth just showing up and saying that you didn’t include him in the reservations because of his age. Is that too passive aggressive?


They won’t just stick a high chair at the end of a table like a regular restaurant. You will need a table that seats 5 people which likely means a 6 top. They won’t seat you at a four top. Can they deny you the extra person? Sure. Will they? Probably not. You may have an extra wait. Try to change your ressie to 6. The Phone CM can’t reassure you, “, no problem” because they have no ability to guarantee that.

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Don’t give it a second thought @Nicghal. Disney will accommodate your nephew on you reservations with no problem. Don’t try to change anything just tell them you brought your nephew with when you show up. I’ve arrived with extra people several times and have not encountered a problem. I showed at Tables de France with 4 extras for dinner on New Years Eve and they didn’t bat an eye -we took up two tables. Be pleasant and polite when you check in and you won’t have a problem. Enjoy your trip and don’t worry about this.

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Thanks so much! I have been stressing this. We love our ADRs and my kids would have been sad. I will try to see if extra opening show up in the meantime, otherwise I am going to do just what you said :slight_smile: