Last minute advice - trip with toddler!

Hello! Looking for any last minute advice before we take a quick trip with our 2 year old in the beginning of February.

My main concern is sleeping. My son loves his crib and has never slept in bed with us. We typically rent a crib when we travel but I was thinking of skipping it this trip. He usually has his own room and won’t on this trip. Do you think this is a bad idea? He won’t sleep in a pack n play so I’d have to rent a full size crib from an outside company.

We have used the pack and plays in the room but if I was not I would rent from Kingdom strollers. Where are you staying?

I think you know your kid better than any of us. If you think he’ll only sleep in a crib, rent the crib. No matter the cost, it will be worth it. Because the three of you will need as much sound sleep as you can get. If you don’t get the crib and he stays up all night, keeping you two all all night, the next day at the park will suck for all of you.


I agree with @adamwsh, if your little one is used to a crib, stick with it. Their sleep is so important on a Disney trip.

Yes. The first long trip we took with our first kid, we nearly bailed and went home because we were getting no sleep. We only survived because we had 2 rooms so we took shifts sleeping alone, or staring at a sleepless kid and trying to keep her calm and quiet. (She also did NOT like the pack and play!!!)

And that was only a car trip… I would be going bonkers if I’d flown someplace and then struggled that much with sleep. Just make your life as easy as possible.

Agreeing with others that you know your child best. When we stayed at Pop in Nov, DS2, who sleeps in a crib at home, slept on one of the beds with padding around him to prevent him falling off the bed (he slept so soundly while we were there that he didn’t move at all, so the padding was extra insurance). We didn’t feel comfortable renting a pack-n-play, due to the amount of space it would take up.

The pack and plays are free but I agree, it an be challenging to fit it in the room.