Last Min park reservations

I’m headed to the parks on the 24th for a week and a half. It’s a big 12 person trip. I have two issues that I suspect you’ll say are something I can’t resolve, but I’m going to ask anyway since your recommendations are brilliant…

  1. My cousin who has the military discount at SOG, decided last week to buy her tickets and make her reservations and now she can’t get MK or HS. Any tips on getting a last minute reservation for her and her 2yo? Can she just show up and hope that someone else didn’t? (Maybe after a certain hour/like park hopping time?)

  2. I tried to make ADRs for 10, but could only do 6. I have a party of four that got most of our ADRs, but I assume we’ll just keep trying especially the day before.

In that same vein, we had a friend of the family who said they were going to go, then didn’t, now is. I didn’t get her any ADRs. She’s one person. I assume that she’ll just hav to find somewhere else to eat, or maybe Disney will let a 2 yo sit on our laps?


  1. Park reservations: just keep trying. Ignore the calendar if it says they’re unavailable and try anyway.

  2. Many restaurants can only take parties of 6 because of social distancing. If you need an ADR for the others, you can call the Dining line and they can book another ADR at the same time for the rest. Be aware though if they do that you won’t be able to cancel or modify it yourself.

Some people have reported getting the option to add one extra guest at on-line check-in. That may not apply to groups of 6 since that is the maximum allowed at a table in most cases.

The 2yo needs to be included in the numbers. See if the dining line can help.

  1. Adding one more person to a table ADR shouldn’t be a problem

  2. BUT… your cousin has to have a park reservation to be able to hop at 2 and they are expected to have tapped into the first park before being allowed to hop. You can call and talk to a CM to verify or someone else here might know more.

I’ve been looking everyday AM & PM for park openings on a certain date in March w/o luck… I keep looking but when I talked to a CM last week he said, “It’s crazy town here! It’s like ppl forgot it’s spring break or something and now everyone wants to be here at the last minute. It’s non stop.”

Yep park reservations are completely “sold out” for about 2 weeks I think.

But like I say, even if it says there is no availability, try booking it anyway. Go through the process. Some people have been able to get them.

I think this is because they will show a park as full when near to capacity. Otherwise, if they waited until literally the last one had been booked, then a family of 4 might check, see availability, buy tickets and then find out they can’t book - maybe there was just one left.

So it makes sense to say it’s full when they have 6-10 slots left.

Plus cancelled ones or those kept back for VIPs etc are released much closer to the date.

Good luck!

ahhh… I did do this a few weeks back and was denied :wink: but I’ll try some more. I do have all my kids (visiting adults) in but as an AP I can only hold 3 reservations and I’m worried about the last day now :grimacing::crazy_face:

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She should definitely get A park reservation for one of the parks for every day she wants to go. Then keep trying to get a better one if she wants MK and HS. If all else fails, go to the original park reservation in the morning, then hop to MK and HS. Unfortunately if this happens, she can’t ride RotR.

Note that you can’t park hop until after you have tapped in to the park you had your initial reservation for, unless you are able to change your park reservation day of.

Good luck!


Thanks, we don’t have Park Hopping tickets. (Sorry if that was confusing.)

Ok, that’s good advice, I’ll tell her and we’ll keep trying.

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It might be worth adding on so she can get into MK at least. (But you can add at any time including the day you want to hop, so wait to do that.)