Last Meal

So on our depart day we are planning on doing breakfast at one of the resorts…which would you pick? We have two daughters 6 and 4. Right now we are trying to decide between Mary Poppins at GF or Lilo and Stich at Poly

My girls are not super familiar with either. Our first meal will be at chef Mickey so didn’t want to repeat that one.

Thanks for the advice

Never done Mary Poppins at GF but our kids who were 6 at the time loved breakfast with Lilo and Stich last summer. They weren’t super familiar with Lilo and Stich either and most of the adults in our party had never heard of them but still had a blast. Fun activities with the kids, great character engagement, easy meal because it is served family style rather than buffet. I thought food was better than the other breakfasts we did. I think likely it is the same food (with a few Poly touches) but just is being served directly to you rather than sitting on the buffet line in the warmers.

My DD (15) and I did Poly for her birthday on our last trip. We had a fantastic time, great meal and really good character interaction. My sister and her two girls did the GF and loved it- though my youngest niece freaked out at the characters (she was two at the time- Tigger was a little intimidating). My sister loved it so much she recommended it for us to do & swore she’d do it again on their next trip.

We have done both and they are both really good choices in terms of the food offered. If you are looking for a fun but more relaxing breakfast Ohanas is great - as previously mentioned the food is brought to your table. The kids get to parade around the restaurant with Hawaiian Mickey, Pluto, Stitch & Lilo. The character interaction was really good at our table and the photopass photographer did a picture with Stitch.
At 1900PF I thought that there was a wider selection of foods on offer which is buffet style. The characters are really fun. We particularly loved Alice, Mary P and the Mad Hatter. Here the photopass photographer did a picture with the Mad Hatter after our meal. If I had to choose between the two I would probably pick 1900PF as you get 5 characters (some of which are more difficult to meet elsewhere) and I love the Mickey Waffles with whipped cream and blueberry sauce!

I really wanted to do 1900PF breakfast for Mary Poppins, but I couldn’t fit it in and we were already doing CP for Pooh and Tigger. So I’d pick that!