Last FPP for AK

We are traveling with two kids ages 2 and 5.

Right now we have the following fast passes for

  • Kilimanjaro Safari
  • Outpost Meet & Greet
  • Na’vi River

however, we just snatched a reservation at Tusker House. Should we keep the Outpost Meet and Greet or should we do something else instead? If so, what should we do? Should we go to Everest and Rider Switch with the kids? We would waste my 5 year old’s pass if we do that.

Would love your input!


  • Checked for Flight of Passage in your list of attractions
  • Didn’t see it
  • Was very disappointed

My opinion?

Change your booked FP’s to Flight of Passage, Everest and Kilimanjaro. You can do the rider swaps.

Then you’ll find that Navi River and the Outpost Meet and Greet are much easier to obtain through same day bookings for your 4th and possibly 5th FP’s. Navi might be tough, but the standby queue wait is nothing like that Flight of Passage wait time.

Just my opinion of course.

Unfortunately the only times available for Flight of Passage are 9:00 PM or later and my kids wont make it that late. So instead we are trying to be there at rope drop and make a run for it. I would have loved to have snatched that one but it just wasn’t available by the time I had a chance to pick my FPP.

Bumping to see if there is any interest

What about a show? FOLK wait time per TP can be 30-40 minutes I think which seems really long for a show.

Or the other one near boneyard? Is your 5 year old super brave? Everest seems scary for a 5 year old to me.