Last Fast Pass I had was on paper

So how does Fast Pass Plus work?

I don’t mean the scheduling and concept - I know that.

I mean operationally. I made my reservations, so where does it go? Do they “magically” appear on oh, say a “magic band”, or do I have to flash the MDE app at Checkpoint Charlie?

If you have Magic Bands, then, yes. They’ll be there. If you only have cards, they’ll be there. Realistically, they are on your account, so it won’t matter if you are using a card or a Magic Band.

Your magic band is linked to your MDE account. You just hold your magic band up to a scanner at each FP attraction, (there will be an attendant there), and it will light up a certain way when it recognizes that you have a FP reservation. Any changes to your FP’s are updated to your magic band through MDE. Really easy!

And just to be clear, if you don’t have a Magic Band, it’s tied to your entry ticket so you’d pull out the your “credit card like” ticket to scan on the FP scanners & it works just like a Magic Band, albeit slightly less convenient.

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