Last call for Flight of Passage

I am not getting a FP+ for Flight of Passage when we go next month. Basically, my family has done it, we enjoyed it, but there were some motion sickness concerns that have made it so my wife and DS12 are not sure they want to do it again. DS10 and I definitely will. My parents are coming along too, so the better use of the fastpass was definitely Navi River Journey in my opinion.
Anyhow, my plan for Flight of Passage is to have DS10 and I just wait to get in standby as late as possible. So, the question is…With an 8pm park closing, when will the FOP line cutoff?

At 7.59 and 59 seconds. But there are same day drops at 11.01, 1.01, 3.01, 5.01 (could be any or all of those) so once you’ve used your Navi FP you could try for one of those. Or could just you and DS10 RD it? And the rest of the group meet you later? You’d need to be there an hour early, even earlier would be better.


It’s actually on our arrival day. We have a short window with just two nights before heading on a Disney Cruise. I am aware of the :01 drops, so I am going to try for those, but making contigency plans.

Ah fair enough. Yes the line won’t shut till closing time.

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Try Seabands for the motion sickness issues, they might help for future things.

do the :01 drops happen at all the parks at same time?

No. I’ve heard 12:30 (maybe 12:31)? and 2:30 (maybe 2:31?) for DHS, but that was a few months ago.

9:30(1?) at DHS as well. And I know that Epcot has an 11:30(1)? drop… Not sure about other drops at those parks.

Where are these drop times coming from and are they listed anywhere in one place? Are they for sure or just best estimate?

If the drops happen, that’s the current time for them. They won’t always happen, and times have changed several times, but these have been stable for a while.

Those are just AK, HS is 9.31, 12.01, 2.31. I always forget the EP ones but Soarin and TT tend to be fairly easy to get anyway, especially Soarin. MK has no pattern of drops.

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