Last boat to Wilderness Lodge

What time does the boat typically stop running to Wilderness Lodge? Assuming its back by then, I’m planning on doing the after fireworks dessert party in MK next May. We’ll need to make it back to CC afterwards.

Transportation typically continues for 1 hr after park closing


Thanksgiving 2019 we had dinner at Artist Point before heading to MK for the night. We parked at WL. We attended the HEA After Dessert Party and then caught a boat back…to Ft. Wilderness by accident!! I’m sure the boat to WL was still running, we just missed the sign when the line split. After a few tense minutes, the resort boat showed up and we thankfully made it back to WL. So in my experience, yes, you can catch a boat (or two!!) after the after party.

Lol! Whoops. I guess you guys could’ve always walked from FW to WL right?? I would’ve perhaps fallen apart…especially if it had been a long day.

I’m glad to know we should be ok to get back via boat. I’m guessing if we miss the last boat we can still catch a bus?

My understanding is that the walkway is closed down because of construction for Refelctions.

We spent the day at Typhoon Lagoon, had an early dinner at Artist Point, then spent a few hours at MK, including the dessert party. It was definitely a full day. All 3 of the kids were sleeping, 2 of them in the stroller, one in the carrier on me. The thought of having to get on an internal bus, then another bus to hopefully WL, but possibly a park, and then potentially another bus back to WL, yeah, it was daunting. We needed at least 2 car seats (though ideally a booster for #3 as well), so for ride shares we would have needed 2 Uber/Lyfts or a Minnie Van. All my hope was on that boat!!! I was so thankful when it showed up. Needless to say, we paid more attention to the signs the next time we hopped a boat from MK!

I would assume so.

The need for car seats makes the ride sharing option so stressful! I don’t know how I would function there right now without MV service.

We rent a car/van. We had 3 car seats on our first trip, so even MV wouldn’t have worked for us. We’re down to 2 now, so MV does become a possibility, except our group size now exceeds capacity!! Someday, when we no longer have car seats and strollers, we will become best friends with ride shares and MV.

Lol. I feel you. Our first trip we had two double strollers to haul off and on the buses (sorry fellow passengers). I only started using Lyft and MV when it was me and my 4 kids last summer and then again this February with just DH and I. At this point I’m spoiled but next trip will be our normal group of 8 so we’ll see if I can suck it up and deal with free Disney transport. :grimacing:

To date we’ve only had one double stroller each trip, but next trip, I’m contemplating 2. Or maybe a double and a single…surely my soon to be 9 year old can walk!! Strollers are one of the big reasons I don’t want to use the busses. They take up so much space in an already crowded situation.

I would absolutely be using it in these situations!

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Oh but remember right now with the bus zones there is little crowding on the busses!

I totally relate about the double strollers. We have gotten away with just one double for most trips, but last time we were at Disneyland we had four kids under 8 so we had the double plus a single and a baby carrier. Thankfully there are no busses there and we stayed on site but it was still quite the ordeal!

We are planning to make soon-to-be DS9 and DD7 walk next spring at WDW and just put the little ones in the stroller. But WDW is big so I hope it works out.

I would think so!! The last time we had our group of 8 my older two were 8 and 6 and they walked the whole time. Last summer when I was by myself we just did a single stroller for my 5 year old. Next spring I will probably just do a single again as my youngest will be 5 and the other three should be able to hold their own at 10, 8 and almost 7!

These are literally the days I’ve dreamt about my whole decade of parenting!! The stroller we were given when I was pregnant with my oldest is almost 10 and hanging on until we retire her. So close. :rofl:

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I have been to DLR a few times with my niece and her family (hubby plus 5 kids) and they usually take two double strollers. One is a side-by-side and the other has a little seat under the other seat. This one is especially nice, because the older kids can hop in there for a short break while the three younger are in the other three seats. It is definitely different traversing the parks with two double strollers and a large group! But it is also a lot of fun to hang with little kids at Disney. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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When I was pregnant with our second child I was unaware of these kinds of strollers and spent our years using our big bulky double wishing we had invested in one of these instead!

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