Large Party the week of Thanksgiving. Help!

This Thanksgiving we will be visiting WDW with a group of 30 ranging in ages from 9-70, with two in scooters (one of which is pregnant). It’s not my immediate family’s first time. We’re DVC members and go annually. However, it is the first time for several families attending. I’d really like to use the Touring Plans to make the whole process as seamless as possible. Having a plan is critical for me so we’re not staring at each other after every ride/attraction asking the whole group where they want to go next. Probably we won’t all make it home alive.
The trouble I’m having is if I put the walking speed to the slowest and walking vs waiting to less walking, the plans still seem too ambitious. Traveling from one ride to another in say 4 minutes, seems near impossible to me. I’ve asked everyone if they plan on splitting up, and they all pretty much want to follow me around and stay together. Truly.
Do you have any suggestions? Is there a large group plan that I’ve missed? Thank you for any and all feedback. I really appreciate it!

I’m willing to bet that this will change at some point. Perhaps not until they arrive and you’ve all spent a full day together, but at some point people start to need space from each other.

As for a plan for all 30 of you, I would just suggest optimizing frequently in the app. Four minutes from one ride to another does seem ambitious when you’re herding a group that large! So, you ride Peter Pan, then head over to Winnie the Pooh, then maybe you optimize again to see what the plan thinks the best order is.

You could also just…not have a strict plan. I’m a planner myself, so I get where you’re coming from with wanting to make things as seamless as possible. But for such a large group, it might make more sense to break the day down into parts: arrive for RD with the goal of knocking out four headliners in the first hour and a half to two hours, then focus on rides with 20-30 minute waits. Once things are crowded, move onto attractions like the Enchanted Tiki Room, Ellen’s Energy Adventure, the various shows at Animal Kingdom, etc.

Best of luck! You’re braver than I am.

Thank you Erin @theredhead for replying. I know we’re nuts to be doing this! for sure! I’m hoping that we will naturally split up. I know the first to leave us will be my 17 year old son and his cousin. There’s another group of 4 or 5 that is likely to leave and go on their own, but other than that, the rest are with me like glue.
It’s a great idea to use the app and optimize throughout the day. I hadn’t thought to do that. I was planning on bringing a printed sheet with the itinerary on it. Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely do that!

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I have planned for a large group similar in number. I can with certainty say that you WILL split up. Someone will need to pee, someone will be hungry, and others will not want to ride an attraction.

I made little biz cards with all the “important” things noted (Dining Reservations, Fastpasses, special things, etc.) so that if we needed to split up, we would know when to meet back for what.

Being fluid (like @theredhead suggested) and using the app and optimizing as you go will be helpful.

and just remember to have fun!!!

Thank you @darthdopey for the business card idea. I created a pocket guide for them to keep track of fast passes, reservations and dining points, but they are geared toward the head of household. Something business card size will be good for the teens and dads. I’ve traveled with a group of 18 before (some of the same people). I don’t know why I’m freaking so much this time. I know it’ll be great!