Large party reserving for Rose and Crown fireworks dining

So wondering if anyone has experience booking R&C with a large party?
I will have a party of 8.
Now for those in the know, I will be using my “advantage” with a 60++10, but still nervous if I should try for the 8, or just try for 2 tables of 4?
When using the “advantage” is R&C still hard to get?

I would probably be inclined to quickly try for the 8 first, but be ready to try for two tables of 4. I don’t think this one will go as quickly as some others so I think you do have the time to try and do it that way without risking anything.

How far into your trip is it? 10? Then I think you’re probably extra fine.

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I’ll be using the leading dining (I said “advantage” bcuz I feel guilty :woman_facepalming:t4: )
So it’ll be my 60 +10 day, and then I can try 60+ 11 on the next day if I fail.

Gotcha I think you’ll be fine

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So I am also using this secret power and I cannot get SRT harmonious for four right now for 60+9 (yesterday was first attempt). So fair warning they don’t seem to be releasing these 70 days out. Yesterday it went thru 6/4 and today they dumped the full next week. So they seem to follow a different pattern. Also, I would not worry using the full 70 days about being able to get any reservation. I’ve even tried waking up at 445am my time and the system wasn’t even updating at 5:15am yet (which is 615am in Eastern) so I just went back to bed and was easily able to get the exact time I wanted for garden rocks dining package when I got up at 7am and the system was loaded then. My advice is to just relax and do it when you wake up at the 70 day mark if available and keep checking every day if not.

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Also if you can’t get it there are other restaurants with views like La Hacienda de San Angel and Tokyo Dining that you can just book like normal for 8pm so there are easier to get backups. I’ve got a backup at Tokyo Dining right now and I’ve actually read the Japan view from that upper deck minus the red thing is a pretty good view. And I’ve do La Hacienda for IllumiNations and it was a good view. We had a window seat but I believe there is an outdoor area they will let you stand too.


Just a FYI that I recently was trying to get the Rose and Crown fireworks dinner for a party of 4. I started trying at 60+10 and there was no availability. I then checked every morning (5 am my time) until 60 days out. Still nothing. I signed up with Mousekepros (thanks @JERancher!) and at around 52 days out the reservation finally opened. Just wanted you not to panic if you don’t see anything at first. And, high praise for Mousekepros to avoid having to check constantly!

thank you, appreciate the tip!!

Yay, @AspenMaggie!! So glad it worked out for you!

It really did @JERancher ! I saw your recommendation and decided to give it a try. It worked brilliantly. I will definitely use them again. We now have everything we want at the exact desired time. So, thanks again!

Yup I think they don’t do these like the normal dining because I’m 69 days out and it’s only open for 63 days out right now. So it might still become available before 60 days but I think they seem to dump a week at time from what I noticed from yesterday to today. I am not really happy with how they handle this since you wake up early to do these things so I find it really unfair but the subscription service does make it better. I have used a different one…I think it was called mouse watcher and got R&C for Jan for Harmonius with that. You can get texts at really weird times so be prepared to strike at 2am. :wink:

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