Large group planning - help!

We’re taking SIL and her kids to WDW in June 2023 (our treat).

We’ll be booking the hotel rooms and buying tickets for our family and hers, as well as Genie+ and ILL.

All pre-planning will be on me, as she’s never been, but I’d bet once we’re actually on-site she’ll be helpful in snagging Genie+ reservations and other admin stuff (probably more helpful than my husband, and he’s been 3 times!), plus I’m sure we’ll separate at times and I want her to be able to manage on her own. She’s a planner like me, so I’m sure she’ll catch on fast. I want to try to get us set up in the most advantageous way possible.

I’m wondering if we should have separate profiles that are linked, or better to just add her to mine (and have to give her our logon to enable her to manage her family when on-site).

For example, Can I assign tickets to her (I’m purchasing through Shades of Green, not Disney) if we’re linked or would she have to add them? Add a hotel reservation to her profile? Same question for purchasing Genie+ - can I buy for her family if we’re linked or does she have to purchase? If possible I don’t want to have to reimburse her for Genie+/ILL purchase every day.

Any other tips/tricks for managing a multi-family group would be great!

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Bump for the morning crowd.

100% she should have her own MDE. It’ll make it easier when making ADRs if you have to make more than one and it’ll give her and family autonomy if y’all split up at any point in the day.

You can each purchase G+ for just your own group before the 7am rush. It’s a separate transaction from booking the rides.

But I want to purchase it for her group. Is that possible?

Sure - you can purchase it for all of your MDE friends. Once her account is set up with her whole family, you’ll want to become friends with each other. Be sure that you can both see all the members of each family and you’ll be good to go.

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