Large Group (9) Dining Reservations

My extended family is going to UOR then onto WDW mid-June. We’re staying at Lowes Pacific for 2 nights with one touring day. On our arrival day (plane lands at 2 PM) I already made reservations for us at Toothsome for dinner. I thought it would be a fun first night of vacation meal for the kids. On our touring day, I was on the fence but decided a sit-down meal around 1 PM would be a good break from the heat for everyone. We’ll have grandparent, parents and kids between 7-9.
Because of our party size, I had to call to make our reservation. I thought Mythos would be good because we were going to start the day at US then take the Hogwarts Express to IOA mid-day.
Anyways, apparently the only restaurant with any availability for lunch that day is Toothsome. I really don’t want to exit the park as we have only one day and such a large group. Apparently there are parties of 8 available at Mythos. The lady on the phone wasn’t very helpful. I am just wondering if anyone knows if they just don’t take reservations larger than 8? I’ve tried calling the restaurant directly (rather than the general universal dining line) but the number isn’t working.
Just for reference - you can book out to July 17th online for parties under 6.

I think it would be worthwhile to call again and hopefully get a more accommodating TM.

Confisco is a decent option too, but not quite as good as Mythos.

The ONLY reservation she could make for a party of 9 on our touring day was Toothsome. That just doesn’t sound right

There are 8 restaurants in CityWalk that can do large groups. But I understand it’s a time thing.

Thanks for the suggestion to call back and hope for a more accommodating TM. Sweetest woman just booked two tables at Mythos (4&5) and included a note that we want to sit together. Don’t understand why the first person was so unhelpful. Now just counting down the days and watching for any changes before I can do our Disney ADRs. We’ve got another family joining for that part of the trip so I need reservations for 15 :worried:

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That’s great!

Oh boy, get ready to wait forever to talk to a CM at Disney.

I was having trouble getting a reservation for 9 for Presidents’ Day weekend. I called the dining reservation number, picked option 2 (which says parties of 10 or more) and they were incredibly helpful. Number is (407) 224-3663