Large afternoon gaps?

I’m trying to customize a premade plan with my arrival time and adr…then I can get fp based on suggestions…but it keeps giving me giant gaps in the afternoon. Why and how do I fix this?

It’s taking all of the things you want to do and assigning them to times with the shortest wait times. Because afternoon is usually the busiest it results in the longest waits so it’s waiting until later to have you ride other things.

When this happens it means that you don’t have enough things in your plan to fill the entire day so it’s just spreading out what you wanted to give you the shortest wait times possible. Sounds like you might want to add more rides or shows or possibly move your departure time to earlier.

Thank you that helped…but now it says to get a fp for SDT at 10:15 at night!!! Am I messing this up lol? What am I doing wrong here???

Sorry I’m not sure what park you are referencing or which attraction SDT is for. For the FP recommendations it takes everything on the list and then puts it in the shortest estimated wait time order.

Then to recommend your Fast Passes it looks for the ones that are the longest expected times after its put everything in order and suggests those. If SDT’s line is shortest at 10:15 pm and is still one of the 3 longest waits of the day it will suggest you get a fp for it at that time.

I also realized you said you were using a premade plan. Here’s my personal TP strategy.

I start with a blank custom plan, add in every attraction and show I want, add in any meals I have planned, add in any breaks I know that I want and then hit optimize.

That’s when it takes everything and says when the shortest waits till be. When I then look at the map below the plan I can usually see it’s got me running back and forth across the park which I hate lol. Once I have a map and plan of what I want to do I will typically manually reorder things to make a bit more sense in terms of walking from one thing to the next and then use the Evaluate button. That button doesn’t move the order of anything but instead just updates the estimated wait times for the order you’ve put them in.

At that point I can see what’s going to be the longest likely waits and I use that to choose my FPP’s for the day. Just be careful not to hit optimize again or all of your reordering will go to waste as it changes the order again.

And it just dawned on me you probably meant Seven Dwarfs Mine Train which has a long wait time from opening until late in the evening so it is very likely that it would have chosen that late as the shortest wait time for your time period and then as it still had one of the three longest est waits suggested it as a FP. I will say that ride, to me at least, is a lot more fun at night.

Sorry I’m completely new at all of this LOL! Yes I’m talking about the Seven Dwarfs at Magic Kingdom. We will be there for 2 days but on the first day that we arrived we won’t get there till about 11. What I did was take day 1 of the 2 day touring plan and then tried to add in my times for dinner. I thought maybe I was missing something when it said to get my fast pass for Seven Dwarfs at 10:15 at night! Am I correct in assuming that the times that it puts in of the times that the touring plans suggest that we try to get a FastPass for? I wish I could just adjust it myself but I don’t know enough about the layout of the park we are total newbies to this and I have 4 children one with autism so I need to make sure my planning is as good as I can possibly get it LOL. Thank you in advance for all of your help!

Are you on a computer? If so scroll down to the bottom of your plan and it will show a map of the park with numbers showing you where everything is at. With 4 children you’ll really want to avoid criss crossing the parks because they’ll be exhausted before you get to the end of the day. If you’re on a phone you have a lot less functionality when making your plans. Also from the computer if you click on edit details at the top you can make it public and share the link here so that people can view it to help offer suggestions. We can’t change it just just look at what you have on it.

Since this will be your first trip let me offer a few pointers first especially because you’re travelling with kids. First I would go to youtube and watch ride videos of anything you think you might want to do, just to make sure none of the kids will have an issue with it. Secondly visit and spend a little time learning the layout of the parks so you’ll have a better idea of what is in what area to save your feet which will be aching lol. Just zoom in over any of the parks and it will get more and more detailed until it shows the actual ride names.

Might also be helpful to know what time of year you’re going and what parks you plan to visit. The first trip always feels so overwhelming when you plan it but then it goes so well that future trips aren’t nearly as daunting.

We are going june 27-29. Mk 27th arrival at 11ish, ak hs and ep 28th, mk 29th w emh evening. I know 28th is cuckoo but we are only hitting highlights. I’ve been a half dozen times as a kid but no one else. My son has Autism and will be in a wheelchair due to physical disabilities. I’m trying to do half of mk day 1 and half day 2…we will have a das (?) too. I’m getting overwhelmed lol, we just went without reservations when I was a kid. I’m open to any suggestions!!!

My biggest suggestion is to get tickets quickly so you can book your fp’s. And honestly just know that with three days you won’t see it all so pick your biggest highlights and set good expectations. If you are planning on eating on site be sure to get your reservations booked.

We are staying on site and have park hoppers and Dining. I already booked adr for the 3 days. I’m just having a hard time dividing mk into 2 days 11-11 and 9-1 am with the least amount of walking? Then applying the fps and adrs into the plan.

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