Lanyards for cruising

Is a lanyard necessary on an NCL cruise or more of a vanity plate for top tier guests? (No offence to top tierers)

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We wore our key cards on lanyards for NCL (and every cruise) purely out of convenience. We don’t always have bags and pockets. We had cheap lanyards from Dollar Tree.

When are you sailing and which ship?

We just returned yesterday on the Breakaway out of NOLA. I didnt see your response until we got back. It would have been helpful, especially for Julie. Thanks!

I’m sorry!

How was the cruise?
We did Getaway in 2016 and had a lovely cruise.

I dont know why I keep typing Breakaway it was Getaway. We loved the ship, its flowing deck plan was so easy to navigate. We never encountered a rude or unhelpful crew member unlike the Epic. Epic was just a dreadful experience both in design and crew. A unhelpful TA didnt help either. He never once mentioned booking restaurants in advance or other tips. We wanted a NCL do-over with lessons learned and it payed off!

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We also had an outstanding crew. DS has a lot of food allergies and they assigned us the most attentive and cheerful maître d we’ve ever dealt with and our steward was the sweetest woman.