LaNouba or HoopDeDoo?


On an "off day," with an evening for a relaxing dinner and show, which would you select: LaNouba or HoopDeDoo? It's me, DH, and DD6. We are staying at CR. Thanks!


Never been to LaNouba but have been to HoopDeDoo twice. Once when my son was 5 and once when he was 15, he loved it both times. Highly recommend it!
Enjoy whatever you choose to do!


I saw LaNouba back in 2004. It is an incredible show!
We did Hoop Dee Doo back in 2015.

I vote for LaNouba 1,000%!!


We love HDDR! I'm sure LaNouba is an amazing show so I'm sure you couldn't go wrong with either but I would choose HDDR.


IMHO, there is no comparison, La Nouba is a MUCH better show. HDDR was a one and done for me but I'd go see La Nouba every trip if it didn't cost so much. BUT... DD6 may like the up-beat silliness of HDDR better; freally depends on the DD. I have no kids to base this on, but I'm not sure La Nouba would have held my attention when I was 6...

Here's a link to a video of the complete show - you decide...


If you have been to any Cirque show - I would skip this and do HOOP.

This is comparing apples to onions. Two completely different experiences.

Hoop - is stupid, silly, corny - and I LOVED it

Cirque - is a bit more sophisticated and has WOW factor

Completely different though - so either one is a winner


We sat right next to the piano player for HDDR in 2009 and he was great with us. Meaning these were great tickets. We saw La Nouba in 2005 with mid-level tickets. La Nouba was a far better show. There really is no comparison. I am sure my kids (5 & 8) would like both so personally we go with what my wife and I would like. La Nouba hands down. I do think the 'wow' factor for kids is with La Nouba. I have to admit that I am not a big fan of the type of comedy HDDR has.

La Nouba will cost more since there is no food but you have the benefit of food/activities at Disney Springs.


That comment about HDD being corny and silly is what concerns me. I don't typically enjoy that type of humor. Yet so many reviews say it's great and they'd go back any chance they get. So I can't decide if I just have a different sense of humor than many or if I will like the HDD show despite the type of humor.


I didn't care for Hoop. Neither did my husband. My 5 year old fell asleep. My 7 year old nephew was bored.

I don't like silly corny humor either. I would rather sophisticated show like La Nouba. I have seen 5 or 6 Cirque shows (including this one!). I will see La Nouba on our next visit (likely 2018, assuming it is still there).


Yeah - In my estimation - it is silly and corny. I loved it - I also am a big Cirque fan and have been to several of the shows. If you have no inkling towards silly - I wouldn't do HDD


Watch a few minutes on youtube and you will quickly get an idea if you like it. I watched a minute and it made me recall why I did not want to return.


HDDR is like comfort food. LaNouba is like a fine wine. Both great. Just depends what you're in the mood for.


Great suggestion! I just did that and it definitely helped me make a decision. Thanks!