Landry's gift card!

It has just come to my attention that I have credit card points I could cash in towards a Rainforest Cafe gift card, theoretically valid at all Landry’s restaurants, including T-Rex and Yak & Yeti. (And DH was going to insist that we cook dinner in our hotel one night of our vacation to save money. No thank you.) I’ve never been to any of these restaurants.

If you were offered a free meal at any of the WDW Landry’s locations, which would you choose? We’re 3 adults and 5 children under 10. It will be a day we leave MK at 6 because of a party we’re not attending, and we have PH tickets and our own car, so we’re driving to dinner regardless.

Kids will likely love t-rex. Yak &yeti is great if you’re at AK. I passed on rainforest because they are all over the place outside Disney.


Agree on T-Rex with littles. Decent capable food and serious wow fun. Going with my nephews in December.

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My boys loved T-Rex-I think we were in the ice room. It’s been a few years so I don’t remember. The food is Applebee’s quality.

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We actually don’t have plans to go to AK this trip, but with PH passes I could see spending an evening there. And there’s no Rainforest Cafe anywhere near us, so even that would be exotic. I appreciate everyone’s input!

T-Rex… no contest.

We really liked the food at Yak & Yeti a ton. T-Rex is dark and can be scary for littles, and the food is only so-so. I think an evening dinner at Yak & Yeti and then rivers of light would be a perfect evening.
With a Landry’s membership, no need for an ADR at any of these–just show your card.


I love AK, and I love Yak & Yeti. That would get my vote, and if you leave MK a little earlier, you can probably ride on the safari too.

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T-rex definitely with kids. Just a warning… it is very loud there. the kids love it.

My daughter loves Rainforest Cafe so we had to do that in WDW. (We live by the one in Mall of America and had gone there before.) I will note that the largest group you can reserve on MDE at Rainforest at AK is 8, even calling the reservations phone number. Larger groups you have to call the restaurant directly. We had 9 (including DS-then-15mons in a high chair), I had reserved for 8 online but they fit us together at one table when we showed up that day with 9. I think your group numbers fit but just wanted to mention for others.

Are you getting the Landry’s club card too? That way you won’t have to make reservations for anywhere, just follow your fancy on the day to wherever seems best, show up flash card and get seated. I’m doing that next time because obviously Rainforest has been requested again. :sweat_smile:

Personally I would do a yak and Yeti. I don’t go to restaurants just for my kids if I don’t think I would enjoy them and I definitely don’t care for Rain Forest Cafe and T-Rex sounds like a similar experience with maybe even a noisier environment. Yak and Yeti seems fun for all and more relaxing.

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