Landry's Card

This was arguably the most popular topic I created on chat (go me!), so I thought I would resurrect it here, especially in light of the fact that my DW looked up some of the finer points for me to pass on. I’ll try to keep this post somewhat organized so you can find what you are looking for. Also correct me on any incorrect information. I am not an expert on this, am just married to someone to likes to find the deals and read the fine print.

What is it? When you go to any Landry’s restaurant, or if you are ever planning to go, request a Landry’s card, either through the website ( or through your server. It is a reward’s card that costs a one-time fee of $25.

What do you get? You immediately get a $25 credit for your next meal at a Landry’s restaurant (for food or alcohol I believe, but someone correct me if I’m wrong). You also get $25 each year on the first day of the month of your birthday which expires on the 15th of the following month, and $25 rewards for each $250 dollars spent (again, I believe alcohol counts, correct me if I’m wrong).

Also, perhaps best of all? No making reservations or waiting in line. Just tell them you have a Landry’s card and you will be put in the front of the line.

Where can you use the card?
Inside Disney - AK’s Yak & Yeti and AK’s Rainforest Cafe
Downtown Disney - Rainforest Cafe or T-Rex
In the vicinity of Disney - Landry’s restaurant near I-4 and Vineland Ave and Bubba Gump Shrimp in Universal Orlando (don’t know where this is, but others have commented about it).
Way outside Disney - Many restaurants. Check the website. There’s probably several near you. Some pretty upscale others more family oriented.

Some fine print? People have commented that if you choose to use a $25 or more reward that you have to use all of it in one sitting or forfeit the rest. You can defer using rewards and stack them up, either on the website or through your server (although our server expressed that it was easier through the website), but again, once you choose to use your rewards you have to use all of them all in one sitting. Also remember that your birthday rewards expire on the 15th of the following month. If you defer one set of rewards then your other rewards automatically get deferred until you choose to use all of them. Also, people have commented that you can choose any day as your birthday, they don’t check, so you can do it right away to get $50 for your birthday and for signing up.

Open questions? The website states that you can’t have more than one person on a card (for more birthdays). Anyone know if you can have more than one Landry’s card per household? One for each birthday in your family? Can kids have one or just adults? The website doesn’t specify.

Also, I’ll mention that some places have treated us like a VIP, with people coming to our table and treating us well. Other places have just treated us regularly.

Hope this isn’t too much information. Feel free to add to it or correct me or ask more questions.


We love the Landry’s card. We had a party of 8 at t-Rex with no reservation and were seated within ten minutes. :slight_smile:

I watch MouseSteps Weekly and they often mention using their Landry’s card. I am going to get one.

Has anyone used it at Yak&Yeti without a reservation? Were they able to seat you quickly? (This sounds like a pretty good value.)

I just got a Landrys card for our September trip to T-rex. I used it last week at our local Rainforest Cafe and it was AWESOME. We were seated immediately and the server and staff were super nice, treated like VIP. So my question is will we have any issue using the Landrys card to be seated but paying with our DDP?

So - people have signed up and used both the sign up and the birthday at the same visits?

I was thinking of signing up online before our trip (birthday month). The we can use both at the same time on that meal?

Do people have personal experience doing this?

Not sure if you can use the birthday and the sign up bonus at the same time. You can definitely have multiple cards per household though. My husband and I both have one just to get the birthday bonus. Tons of Landry’s restaurants in Texas.

Using multiple rewards at one time is completely fine. The only thing is that people have commented on is that if you choose to use a $25 or more rewards that you have to use all of it in one sitting or forfeit the rest. I believe we have used three rewards totaling $75 at one time. If you defer your rewards I believe you have to defer the entire amount, so you can’t use some now and some later.

" Are there any locations not included in the program?
Yak & Yeti Quick Serve, Build-A-Bear®, Build-A-Dino® and Paleo Zone at T-REX Cafe and International locations (except Rainforest Cafe Toronto) are not included in this program."

My mom gave me (2) $25 Landry’s giftcard. Although I already made an ADR for Rainforest outside at AK, should I show the giftcard upon check-in? Or is the card mentioned in this post, is something different than a giftcard?

Giftcards won’t get you any special treatment. We are talking about the “Landry’s Select Club” card, which is like a frequent dining card.

Ohhh duh @eriinfo


Several posts have mentioned this but I did a search and thought this one explained it well.