LadyV’s Graduation Extravaganza - Day 2

Slower morning spent organizing our stuff. Headed to Epcot now. Hoping to meet up with @AllmadhereUK. Have to go to GS to move our first package ticket to today.


I will be in Epcot today, too.


Cool!! We need to meet!


Will you be doing the Boardwalk stuff?

I could miss it. Or hurry it up. Basically between Soarin’ and Yachtsman I’m open to meeting :slight_smile:

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Can we get a threeway going with @AllmadhereUK?


Here is my itinerary

This is a laidback day, so we could meet at anytime in WS

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We are way ahead and of schedule. So we’re visiting Japan which was scheduled for later this week. @profmatt or @AllmadhereUK, are you anywhere near Japan?

Currently in line at Soarin’.

Have fun!!!

I’m in B1. You know I’ll have fun!

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Lunch at Biergarten was awesome! I even tried the grapefruit beer. Aneira didn’t really eat much, but what she did get from the buffet, she ate. I won’t type up what I ate because I have no idea.

![image|375x500](upload ://zMidUszEK3G1pPaqjwPOTKXEl2i.jpeg)

Gregg ate at Akershus and had a great time. He has pictures, but I don’t have them yet.

He met us in Germany.

We went through Italy, and the American Pavilion. Never been through there before. Heard the Voices of Liberty. Oh my, they were good!

I’m resting outside of Japan. Walking with a walker was a good idea, but my body and I aren’t used to this much walking feeling a bit sleepy from the beer earlier.


Some foreign nonsense, I imagine.

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Presumably. :slight_smile:

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@profmatt, where are you now?

Gone forever. Well nearing BW. But there’s always tomorrow …

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Yep. We’re heading back to Pop shortly.

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Realized that I posted on the wrong thread about Le Cellier. It was good, but took forever.

Epcot when empty: