Ladies - Dresses in the parks

So, since it is hot and humid, those t-shirt dresses are so darn comfortable. Anyone see an issue wearing them in the parks? I’m trying to think if there are any rides that having a dress on would pose a modesty issue.

Visiting all parks as well as universal parks.

I always wear dresses to the parks. Love the ones I bought from HolyClothing, they are sooo comfortable!
You just have to remember to push the fabric between your thighs or gather it under your bum before the ride, especially on roller coasters (Everest, R&R and the like). Then you’ll be fine - and comfortable! :slight_smile:


And get yourself some anti chub rub, lol, body glide etc. I’ve read on here from ladies that wore dresses and after a while had some issues in that area.


Anti chub rub! Love it :joy:

I wear dresses to the parks all of the time! Never had an issue on rides - though one time the edge of my dress got stuck in my underwear in the BOG bathroom - luckily another guest flagged me down before I left :joy:
I’m not too familiar with the roller coasters at Universal, but any that have your legs dangling might be an issue (like Soarin’, but that’s completely dark and has a ton of straps)

Second the body glide!! Even if you don’t think you will need it, you will - I am pretty thin and never use it except for running in real life, but all of the time at Disney!


I wore dresses when we went in February and it was great! I used anti-chafing gel when we went, but found that I had to keep reapplying it because of all the sweating. So I switched to using spandex and cotton mini shorts under my dresses and it worked great!

In Disney world or not, I always wear shorts under my dress. It gives you eau more freedom. Short, spandex shorts are the best. My kids do the same. You never have to worry about it and you stay cool in the heat and wear stylish dresses.

I wear dresses ALL THE TIME at WDW, and either wear a pair of spandex shorts under or Bandelettes, (which are stretchy lace bands you wear on your thighs to prevent chub rub) which prevent increasing… ummm… swampiness on really hot/humid days.

Yes… certain rides will have a buckle that comes up between the legs, and those can require quite a hike-up of the skirt. Definitely shorts under for days when we’re going to do those rides. It’s easy enough to sit on the edges of the skirt (or tuck it in at the sides if you fill the seat a little better like I do!) to keep it from flying up during the ride, so that’s not usually an issue.