Laborday weekend prediction

The crowd calendar is predicting the lowest weekend crowd all September for the 4th & 5th. I was tentatively planning the trip around that but just noticed it was labor day weekend when I was trying to figure out why LEGOLAND hotel was like $80 more during 2nd-3rd than 9-10th.

I am assuming that going to disneyland on the 11th-12th will be less crowded than labor day weekend and the prediction is a tad off currently?

DL half marathon weekend’s Sept 3-6 so it’ll be more crowded. After Labor Day, schools’ll be back in session. Plus Labor Day last year was a week earlier Sept 1st so crowds would’ve been lower in 2014.

I would agree. The crowd calendar is off it’s showing Labor Day weekend higher than a week later.

I planned for the same time last year! Then DD said oh h-ll no I am not driving in Hoilday traffic, we went the following week and it was great!!! No waits over 15 mins