Labor Day Weekend

Looks like TP missed crowd level predictions for Labor day weekend.
We rope dropped MK Saturday, and it was great, until noon. Then crowds grew quickly. Definitely not CL1. Currently wait times are twice as much as the TP predictions.

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Yep you’ll want to go with MDE predictions this weekend. Be sure and post your actuals if possible.

Just looked at the historical data. It appears MK ended up as a CL3 yesterday. The other parks were CL1. I was looking at wait times yesterday afternoon and MK had the longest wait times of the 4.

We hopped over to Epcot to close that park.
I do know that CL predictions are ride wait times, which were very mild at Epcot, but the walk-ways around World Showcase were very packed. Long lines at F&W booths in the evening.

Epcot rides - CL 1
World Showcase promenade - CL 5 (my made up number)

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Especially on a Saturday night

How can you tell what the actual (not predicted) CL are after the fact? I booked a spontaneous trip next weekend so I’m concerned (they’re predicted 1s, with mk 2)

You can see CL for any past date here: .