Labor Day Week or Last Week in October?

We haven’t visited in over 5 years. I feel very nervous about all the changes so I really want to make sure we pick the right week. We are torn between Labor Day Week (Mon-Sat) and the last week of October. I’m worried that October is going to be crazy for the anniversary. I understand about the heat in September but are the lower crowds worth the trade off? October is more expensive too…

Can you tell I need help???

You mean this year? Planning for September will be tight but I think October is going to be beastly crowded. If you can get hotel and park reservations, I’d probably go for September. But I’m definitely not an expert, I’m sure some other folks can give you more practical advice!

Weather is really the only bad part of early September…but it is also the time, typically, when crowds are lowest all year long. We have been both in early September and late October. September had the lighter crowds…but late October was still pretty decent as well. But this year, it is harder to predict. If you are willing to gamble on the weather, I would go with September, personally.

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For many years, we would take our kids out of school for labor day week and head to Disney World. We had the blessing of their private school as they said our kids always had their work done and made good grades. It was hot–some years were hotter than others. But, I don’t do standing in lines well. Crowds were so low that we often could go on even the most popular rides without standing in line and coveted ADR’s were within reach. That being said, I think crowds have gradually grown in size even in September and this year is unlike any year before it. I do agree that the 50th Anniversary celebration will result in large crowds in October, so w
e have chosen September for our adults only trip this year.