Labor Day/Ultimate Fall Package

Anyone remember from last year the fall package Disney released for the week of Labor Day that had exclusive events and MNSSHP ticket. When was this released? I am thinking of going that week due to the low crowds and we have not done the Halloween party. Wondering if it is “better” than a MVT discounted room deal. Did anyone do this last year and have a good experience? I guess I will book a room with MVT for now and if they offer this again compare the price. Thanks!

Are Disney’s discounts still available? I believe for most people the Disney deals were better than MVT this year.

Memory says this was released about 60 days before the event.

I can confirm from the Ultimate Christmas Package it was announced around Oct 12th last year (at least that’s when I saw it posted on the other big site). Bookings started Oct 22 (and ended Dec 3). The package started on Dec 17th so I think Oct 22nd was the 53 day mark.

Being within 60 days was a non-issue - I had zero problems booking fastpasses (of course I didn’t need to book the big ones) or getting ADRs.

All the Deluxe seemed a better deal through Disney (although neither was really great) so I actually went with the Gran Destino Tower with MVT - they had a better deal on that one.

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That was a limited two week deal?

Not sure - I booked 8/29-9/3.

Oh - and as you can see we didn’t do the Fall Package last year but I absolutely would jump all over it. The Christmas version is basically the same thing but with MVMCP instead of MNSSHP and it was awesome. I doubt they’ll offer it again this year but I have a bounce back reservation I will absolutely drop/convert to the Christmas package if they offer it again.

I think Disney had some kinks with the fall package but they worked them out for the Christmas package so I think it just gets better each time. The Resort Loop podcast had a review of the fall package from one of their sisters.

Thanks everyone! I also have an AP, but I do not think discounts came out for that time yet? MVT beat out my AP discount by a couple dollars this May. I’ll have to price it out.