Labor Day MM share

I am looking to join or possibly start a MM share for last week in Aug/first of Sept/LD timeframe. Is there one available to join or is anyone interested in joining one? Thanks!

I keep seeing these threads popping up about the Memory Maker Share in various timeframes. And so I’m going to finally ask: What in the world is a MM Share? (I HAVE figured out it isn’t the same thing as buying a package of “M & M Tear and Share”!)

LOL! It’s when a group of 4 or 5 people share Memory Maker. A leader purchases the MM and everyone splits the costs and gets their photos through a shared account =)

Ah. Okay. I thought MAYBE it could be something like that, but didn’t seem like something Disney would allow.


It’s fine. MDE is set up to allow viewing and purchasing of photos of friends and family. Last time I lead a share, I had an issue with a couple of photos showing up. I emailed for help and told them what I was doing and they helped me easily without question. What they don’t like is a lot of dummy MDE accounts being made.

I’m going 9/1-9/7 if there is a group still available I’d love to hear more about how to participate.

Hi, Ashley! I sent you a PM =)

I am going 9/4-9/14 is there room?

My dates are 9/8 - 9/17. If that’s not too late, I’d be interested, as well.

HI! I’m waiting to hear from someone about whether or not she wants to participate and I will let you know!

I am interested too. Let me know if there is availability. I’ll be in parks 9/4 through 9/6 so just three days worth of pics.