Labor Day Crowds

I’ve seen on touring plans that the Labor Day weekend crowds range from 3-4. Could that be right? Other places I read that it’s one of the busiest weekends of the year considering holiday and marathon. Any insight into this?
We would be making a fast, last minute trip for just the Saturday and Sunday and we’ve never visited DL before (WDW quite a bit). Maybe wait till a less crowded weekend since we don’t have long? Or are the crowd predictions here accurate at all?

Thanks for any guidance

Crowd levels during the summer have been understated by 2-3 levels. Sat & Sun will have 3 AP levels blocked which will help but with the new nighttime shows that weren’t around during the last race weekend in May, expect it to be 6-8 crowd levels. The heat and humidity the last two years have contributed to the drop in crowd levels. Doesn’t seem to be that bad weather-wise next week.

Labor day crowds are low. It is a little busier on the actual weekend but low compared to other times of the year. Many schools have just started. I was lucky my son started after Labor day.