Labor Day 2016

How are folks feeling about the crowds Labor Day Weekend (Friday 9/2-Monday 9/5) vs. the weekend after (9/9-9/12)?

From the historical charts, I see that last year was 2/1, 3/2. 3/4, 2/3 for the first period and 3/2, 5/3, 3/4, 2/2 for the second, indicating that LD weekend was less crowded overall (huh) and neither was very crowded.

The prediciton for this year is 2/6, 5/8, 4/6, 6/7 for the first window and 2/6, 4/9, 3/8, 3/5 for the second. I assume they’ve ratcheted everything up a bit from last year due to the large number of attractions closed in DL and the 60th Anniversary bump effect. DCA has new Soarin’ and the Frozen show.

Labor Day weekend is the last weekend for the 60th Ann. fireworks, so I’m wondering if that will bump LD weekend up even more and the weekend after will sag, or if the relative crowdedness (more crowded the second weekend) will hold true.

We do want both parks; Herself will want to ride Star Tours as often as possible; also Pirates and HM; she’s also getting into RSR and Soarin’ (oh–new film crowd bump?) and TSM.


We’ve done Labor Day in 2013 and 2014 and both were very hot, but mild in terms of crowds. This year I do think that the fact that the FWs are ending will create a surge in that weekend. There might still be a slump but looking over the historicals it looks like Deluxe Passholders are usually blocked over Labor Day weekend but not the following weekend so they may be the factor in those increases. Also that weekend after Labor Day kicks off Halloween season at DLR so it’s something new to see too. And may impact your decision as there will be different decor and different characters.

Also important, HM is always closed over Labor Day weekend in order to prepare for the Halloween overlay for the quick following Halloween season. So if HM is a priority it will be much better chances it’s ready the weekend after.

Lastly, Soarin’ crowd bump has been very marginal. They did away with Single Rider line BUT have been using the speaker while loading to ask for parties of 1 or any other odd number they may need so it seems they are loading a little more efficiently to keep the line flowing.

According to some refurb schedules, HM will be down until the 8th, so the second weekend would probably be better if it’s a priority. Also, the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend is over Labor Day, which really does bump the crowds up a LOT.