La Hacienda pre- EPCOT Forever or San Angel Inn

We have FP+ for EPCOT Forever and currently have dining at San Angel for Dinner. I have t been to LA Hacienda but I know it is right on water. Anyone have any insight on what to do? I’m considering changing but don’t know if Insuld have any chance in seeing the show while inside. We are there in late January with a DD4 and a DD4month. So the night time temp might be chilly. Thoughts anyone??

La Hac is REALLY good food and if you make a ressie about 90 mins before showtime and tell them upon checkin that you want a seat with a view to the show you’ll be able to watch while you dine. It’s fabulous.


Seconding @OBNurseNH and agreeing with the quality of La Hac. It was delicious!! And perfect for viewing the FW!


From my experience, the food at La Hacienda is better than the food at San Angel Inn.

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Having eaten at San Angel Inn before and finding the food just passable, last May, we had dinner at La Hacienda with a 7:15pm reservation intending to stay and watch Illuminations from our seats. We were hungry so we asked to check in early which you can do 15 minutes before. We were first going to be seated in a corner with no view of the window and the lagoon beyond. We said we wanted a better view so we waited about 15 more minutes to get an elevated booth with a view of the lagoon. Since it is NOT OUTDOOR dining, your experience of the show is a bit more removed. You are looking through a window the whole time. However, the food was very good for Disney standards, and I am saying this as a girl raised on excellent SoCal Mexican restaurant food. The avocado Margarita is amazing!

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Climate. Controlled. :grimacing:

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