La Hacienda de San Angel

Not a question, just an observation. I always thought I wouldn’t want to eat Mexican food at Epcot because we eat it all the time and Epcot has so many options. I just looked at the menu though and OMG I want to eat everything!


We loved our meal there and plan to go back on out next visit.

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Agreed! We originally thought it was too fancy for our tastes but once we got our meals we were delighted at how wonderful it was! Great restaurant choice!

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It is a beautiful setting but the tables are crowed together. The food is not all that good and sorry to say not unlike many Spanish restaurants. Guess here the staging is the thing.

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Get the flautas!

The tacos de camarones is awesome

My daughter enjoyed pollo al pastor

My son loved the kids cheese quesadilla

Loved it x2! Will do it again. Plan for 90 minutes before Illuminations (or future nighttime spectacular) and tell them you’re happy to wait for a table with a window to the show.


Are you sure you are talking about La Hacienda de San Angel and not San Angel Inn? I think the tables are crowded too close at San Angel Inn, but didn’t find that issue with La Hacienda de San Angel.

I actually think that some of the tables can be VERY close at La Hac.

But the rest of the commentary does sound like San Angel Inn :wink:

Yeah, I agree to some extent … the tables on two sides were close. But there were aisles and room to walk on the other sides whereas I found all the tables crammed together at San Angel Inn.

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I am eating here on Friday!! Can’t wait to get the Avocado Margarita.


I always get the two confused so had to double check - but my family loves San Angel Inn. Yummy and a cool setting! I haven’t eaten at Hacienda but heard nothing but good things. And, really, any place that serves margaritas can’t be bad!

I’m eating here next week and am excited to hear some positive reviews. However, we could only get a reservation 45 minutes before Illuminations…so I don’t know if we’ll be able to get a window.

Maybe turn up early and hover with intent☺.

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Maybe your right. I always get those to mixed up. I am talking about the one that looks like a big pyrmid. :roll_eyes: